Friday, September 22, 2006

Movie Watch '06

These are the best and worst movies I've seen this year. I'll update this list periodically.


1. The Science of Sleep
2. District B13
3. The Illusionist
4. This Film is Not Yet Rated

The Puffy Chair, Invincible, The Proposition, Edmond, You, Me and Dupree, A Scanner Darkly, Art School Confidential, Wordplay, Peaceful Warrior, Lucky Number Slevin, United 93, Stick It, Night Watch, When a Stranger Calls, Tsotsi, Imagine Me and You

WORST MOVIE OF '06: The Pink Panther

FOLLOWED BY: The Guardian, The Covenant, Another Gay Movie, The Lost City, Keeping Up With the Steins, Church Ball, Scary Movie 4, HellBent, ATL, Hoot

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