Friday, December 27, 2019

"XenoRaptor" Review

Loaded with frenzied attacks from enemies, high-powered weapons and screen-searing explosions, "XenoRaptor" keeps you hooked with its brand of wild, frenetic energy.

The twin-stick, top-down shooter from developer Peter Cleary is a callback to arcade games of yore.

Although the game brings little new to the table, it manages to fire up the nostalgia factor while sticking on the cutting edge of graphics and sound. The visceral experience into which the game hurls you wouldn't have been possible in the 1980s or 90s.

The main hook is the weapon upgrade system, which lets you scoop up remnants of vanquished enemies that you can assemble on the fly into souped-up means of attack.

A strategic facet that doesn't often show itself in other bullet hell shooters comes into play here. You may find yourself looking for specific paths to upgrades that force you to be judicious about your targets. A studied, pragmatic style will yield rewards when you acquire game-changing weaponry.

"XenoRaptor" may not break much new ground, but it does enough to differentiate itself to keep things fresh.

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