Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Kindle Kids Edition Review

Amazon's Kindle Kids Edition is a superb gateway into the realm of e-books for young readers. Its sturdy design and accompanying case makes it stand up to the rigors of careless youth.

Parental controls help keep a cap on overzealous readers, limiting use to preset parameters. And the most significant addition has nothing to do with traditional reading at all.

Bolstered by a recent update that allows the device to access Audible titles, the device now is a full-fledged audio reader.

The Kindle Kid's Edition, which is actually a standard 10th-gen Kindle, is built to hook kids on books in all their forms, encouraging skill-building via built-in vocabulary builders, pop-up word definitions and achievement badges that celebrate progress.

Adjustable, kid-friendly fonts and text sizes remove the intimidation factor in traditional adult e-reader setups. While battery life and brightness levels may not be ideal, the devices perform well under most conditions.

Built to foster a love of exploring and expanding the horizons of imagination, educational and explorative aspects that reading can grant to developing minds, the Kindle Kids Edition is fuel for bookworms in the making.

Manufacturer provided review sample.

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