Monday, December 30, 2019

"World War Z" Review

It's tough to find a spot to stand out in the saturated zombie genre, but "World War Z" makes an attempt as persistent and fierce as an undead creature hungering for brains.

The co-op focused third-person shooter harkens back to "Left 4 Dead," with the emphasis on communication and complementary skills and roles key to survival.

Diverse mission sets, an elegant menu system that allows players to adjust gameplay parameters and join whatever session fits their mood. You can squad up with buddies, take your chances with strangers or seek out custom games. No matter how you go about the task,

Developer Saber Interactive prioritizes ease of use and speed above all else, and still manages to craft a game with impressive visuals, sound and animation.

The community has responded in kind, creating a thriving support system that means there are always players to link up with. That X factor is key, because without that level of commitment, there would barely be a game here.

"World War Z" continues to grow month after release, with Saber distributing regular content updates to keep things fresh and vibrant. The war against the evil dead will always be a perpetual struggle, and "World War Z" is out to ensure that the fight won't turn monotonous.

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