Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Advance praise for Secrets of a Stingy Scoundrel

"This book not only pays for itself within the first few chapters, but Phil unearths ways to subvert the scams of cellular companies. Eye-opening at the very least, this money-saving manuscript is less an ode to parsimoniousness, and more a call to arms."
-Maddox (George Ouzounian), author of New York Times Bestseller “The Alphabet of Manliness”

“Phil is a devious mastermind. He'd be the Lex Luthor of tightwads if Lex Luthor was hilarious. Most of the advice in this book will at best destroy your treasured personal relationships and at worst get your butt kicked, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is awesome. If you've ever done something cheap and blushed slightly, you'll be gratified to know that not only is there someone else doing that exact cheap thing -- he's perfected a system and is willing to share his knowledge with a grateful public.

“Not only did Phil get me to write this blurb for him, he also convinced me to give him $20 from my wallet.”
-Meghann Marco, author of “Field Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World”

“Phil Villarreal is one cheap bastard, but fortunately he's not stingy with his words. A flabbergasting and funny book from cover to cover."
-Mark Jude Poirier, author of “Modern Ranch Living” and “Goats,” screenwriter of “Smart People.”

“Read this book for free, one item at a time, over 100 days, at your local chain bookstore—while there are still chain bookstores, and there won’t be if all you do is read their books for free. Or, hell, get over your stinginess this one time only and buy the damned thing, because one way or another, this amusing, smart, and sensible book deserves your (free) time.”
-Chris Ryall, author of “Comic Books 101”

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