Friday, August 07, 2009

How I became a lumberjack

It all started with an HOA letter several weeks ago telling me the tree was in violation because my giant palo verde tree, which resembles the plant-monster in Little Shop of Horrors although it grows much faster, loomed over the sidewalk.

Since then every garbage day I've been chipping away at it, using extending clippers to snip off branches, filling the garbage can with foliage twice a week.

Wednesday was particularly windy. I reached the clippers way up high and got the pull-string all tangled up in spikes and branches. It would not come out. I got a ladder out, and it nearly blew down and killed me. I had to get to the base of the colossal branch which was accessible if I unsafely stood on top of the handrail
so I got this dinky hacksaw out that looks like it's a Fisher-Price toy and went to work. It took me more than an hour and I sustained several injuries, but I triumphed over the tree.

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