Monday, November 08, 2010

Somewhere Out There Is A TV That Will Love Me

As you may have heard if you've encountered any video game site in the entire world in the last few days, I discovered the hard way that HDTVs are less than capable volleyball opponents. While they are excellent at blocking shots at the net, they can't take a hit and quit playing like crybabies, making you out to be the bad guy by crying rainbow unicorn tears as the world laughs at you.

So as things stand, I'm in the market for a new TV. And no, just to clear things up with those who asked, I wouldn't accept a replacement from Microsoft if it offered because that would unleash an ethical bag of monkeys I'd rather not spank. I will be buying my new TV, hopefully with as little money as possible.

Here are my requirements. If you happen upon a great deal that fits these parameters, leave a comment.

Size: 46 to 55 inches.

Kind: 1080p LED LCD. I would slum it for a plain LCD, but only if it's 55 inches or larger. Plasmas have nice pictures but too much glare and DLPs seem nice and all but I don't want to be buying new lamps every other year.

Price: $900 maximum.

HDMI inputs: 4.

Have at it, army of new readers. You're my only hope.


KeepKelley said...

Unfortunately, most LED's have just as much glare as a plasma does, LCD's usually have a lot less.

Dave said...

This almost meets all your requirements. If you find a 46" LED < $900 I would be shocked.

LG 42LE5500 42 inch Class 1080p LED

Add it to your cart to see the sale price of $789.95

The best 46" LED deal you will probably find:

Toshiba 46UL605U 46" LED Backlit HDTV

$999.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: MUX10408 (Exp 11/13)

Phil Villarreal said...

Dave, that second one you listed is definitely my front-runner for now. Thanks man.