Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lies That People Repeat And Believe In

"Everything happens for a reason." I guess this is technically true, if the reason is defined as "because people felt like making that happen." The belief that everything that occurs is to contribute to some positive ending is ridiculous. It's easier to believe that everything happens for an eventual negative reason.

"God never gives you more than you can handle." I think people who get run over and killed by trucks get more than they can handle.

"Karma will take care of it." The belief that you don't need to do anything to stop bad things from continuing to happen because a Final Destination-type invisible force will do it for you is just lazy.

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Shannyn said...

Ha! Karma is

I wanted to send you an email but was either blind or not looking in the right places. You included one of my articles on a post on Consumerist and I just wanted to give you a big huge THANK YOU. Like really, thank you. It was a huge boost in traffic (like ahem, huge) and I totally was walking on sunshine for days.

May your days be filled with good lazy karma knowing that everything happens for a reason ;) hardy har har.