Monday, July 02, 2012

5 Gawker Blogs I Wish Existed

1. Shitkicker — A smarmy, wise-ass take on cow herding, crop dusting and barn painting.

2. Clockwatcher — A smarmy, wise-ass take on meeting attending, cubicle decorating and time wasting at work.

3. Plagiarist — A smarmy, wise-ass take on news aggregation, aggregating news from other aggregators without giving proper credit.

4. Smutnik — A smarmy, wise-ass take on the adult film industry.

5. TaleSpin — An earnest, unironic evaluation of news you can use and fan-fic dedicated to the early-1990s animated series that starred Baloo the Bear as a rascally pilot. I really miss that show. Subtitle: "All the trouble we get in with another tale to spin."

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