Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Milanoir" Review

Rich with distinctive culture, music and fashion, the 1970s provide a rarely-tapped bounty of satire and full-out appreciation. "Milaanoir" feels the funky flow like no other game in recent memory, diving headfirst into a realm of sideburns, bell bottoms, flared collars and jive slang.

Taking the Quentin Tarantino approach, references are ubiquitous to the point of overwhelming bombardment. Enriched with an endless supply of material, the dev team sets the magnificent tapestry in the mean streets of Milan, where you take part in heists, capers and boondoggles galore.

A smooth, apropos 70s soundtrack sets your voyage to a throbbing beat, and the writing lives up to the hustle and flow with head-shaking twists on genre conventions.

Pixel art visuals conjure a 16-bit, 1990s feel, making "Milanoir" seem like it was a lost classic dug up from the SNES vault and remastered for modern releases. It fits in nicely with the Switch's retro oeuvre, leaving you with the buzz of freewheeling 1970s fun. 
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