Monday, June 24, 2019

"Outer Wilds" Review

An open world game based on exploration, experimentation and instanced drama, "Outer Wilds" is just the console exclusive Xbox One gamers need to inject some energy into a slow year.

As a recruit in the Outer Wilds Ventures Space Program, you delve into the mysterious Dark Bramble on a quest to disrupt a continuous time loop.

After a stodgy start, the game kicks off in earnest. Once you get a handle on navigation, controls and traversal, you begin to appreciate the game's finer points and find yourself immersed in the rhythms and flow of the quirky, wondrous adventure.

Progress comes in a gradual drip rather than sweeping advances. This is not a game for rapid dramatic buildup and thrilling boss rushes. The pleasure of "Outer Wilds" lies in its lengthy uphill struggles that culminate in revelations of grand discovery.

The concept echoes that of "No Man's Sky." You set off on an ominous, often lonely yet somehow upbeat and wondrous journey to parts unknown. Also like "No Man's Sky," the structure can become a bit unwieldy as your trek rolls on.

Even though you'll get more out of the game if you fully buy into the exploration aspect and force yourself to stumble blindly until you happen along the right path, but the frustration that can result from going nowhere for too long can turn you off of the game entirely. If you're one to be discouraged, you're best off finding an online guide and using it to spring you onward in moments of desperation.

Regardless of how hardcore you choose to make your own experience, "Outer Wilds" is well worth the trials and frustration it puts you through.

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