Thursday, April 22, 2021

"Say No! More" Review

An experimental game that actively averts gameplay, "Say No! More" centers around the whimsical absurdity of its premise. You play as an office worker whose sole purpose seems to be on turning people down. 

The dev team at Fizbin shows off its flair for humorous writing and visuals, crafting a thin but enjoyable romp that takes no skill. 

The story offers little replay value, but that's just as well, because "Say No! More" thrives on the element of surprise.

The narrative opposite of the 2008 Jim Carrey comedy "Yes Man," "Say No! More" explores the various ways in which the act of denial can be empowering and, at times, courageous.

Living vicariously through your character is a joyously aspirational experience that allows you to find strength in unlikely, brash self-determination.

With a distinct art style that makes the game a breezy, playful and surprisingly impactful experience. It's an easy one to say yes to.  

 Publisher provided review code.

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