Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Broadway in Tucson Review: 'Blue's Big Play'

Bolstered with impressive puppetry and generous interactivity, "Bluey's Big Play" manages to connect with its preschool audience while helping parents see through the eyes of their youngsters.

A thoroughly entertaining, 45-minute, one-act experience, the show draws chuckles and cheers.

Adapted from the Aussie show, available on Disney+, about a mischievous Blue Heeler dog and her family, the series delivers gentle lessons on manners and morals while providing colorful, relatable entertainment.

The play understands its audience and caters to the needs of parents with short-attention span youngsters. Far different from a typical stuffy night at the theater, the actors and their characters encourage the audience to express themselves as the show unfolds.

The plotline, in which Bluey and her sister swipe their dad's phone in order to convince him to spend more time playing with them, also has pointed parenting advice. Surely, twinges of sympathetic guilt went down the spines of moms and dads who recall moments spent glued to their devices rather than taking part in the fleeting moments of childhood.

"Bluey's Big Play" helps remedy such guilt. The thrill and sheer joy of watching your little one get one of their first glimpses at theater is priceless.

"Bluey's Big Play" plays through Jan. 25 at Centennial Hall. For tickets, click here.

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