Thursday, February 09, 2023

Fentonelli's Pizzeria & Bar Opening in Oro Valley

Reilly's Craft Pizza's Oro Valley location is rebranding as Fentonelli's Pizzeria & Bar. 

The restaurant, located at 7262 N. Oracle Road, is aiming for what restaurateur Tyler Fenton calls "A New York, red sauce joint, Italian-American vibe."

The original Reilly Craft Pizza, at 101 E. Pennington, will remain unchanged.

Here are some dishes the restaurant offers:

Crispy brussels sprouts, hot sauce, pecan brittle

Marinara braised beef meatballs, garlic bread

Gelato swirl

Classic Moscow Mule

Iron Horse old fashioned

Pepperoni Pizza with tomato sauce, mozarella and fontina

Rigatoni with vodka sauce and meatballs

Spaghetti, Uncle Al's Sunday gravy and sausage


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