Thursday, May 18, 2023

Game Review: 'Lego 2K Drive'

Adding some Lego flavor to the open-world driving concept popularized in series such as "Burnout" and "Forza Motorsport," "Lego 2K Drive" is a breezy, family-friendly romp on four wheels.

As you'd expect in a Lego-flavored racing game, you're allowed to unleash your creativity, crafting whatever wild, brick-fueled concoctions you can dream up.

Working your way up through various racing circuits and side missions to claim the Sky Trophy from rival Shadow Z, you boost, drift and jump across diverse terrain.

Set in the realm of Bricklandia, the effort from the dev team at Visual Concepts Loads of "Mario Kart"-style power ups spice things up and add elements of paradigm-changing chaos to the races.

Your ride adapts to the challenges that await it, transforming into a boat when you hit the water. The traversal is forgiving enough to be accessible to beginning gamers without making advanced racers feel as though they've got training wheels on. Nuanced controls can make the difference between victory and defeat.

As with the best Lego games, in-jokes and sight gags abound, with a lighthearted, free-wheeling sense of humor that's a joy to take in. Split-screen racing allows for couch competition, making it an ideal game for parents to play with kids.

While some mission objectives are obtuse, you're best off avoiding walkthroughs and exploring Bricklandia at your whim. There are enough Easter eggs hidden around the map to make your journey a fun, satisfying experience.

While some of the writing falls flat and not all of the jokes connect, "Lego 2K Drive" thrives as a charming playground that bursts with surprises and whimsy. Like a pair of fuzzy dice dangling from your rear-view mirror, "Lego 2K Drive" is superfluous and silly, but also too enjoyable to part with.

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