Friday, March 22, 2024

Game Review: 'Outcast: A New Beginning'

 A goofy, joyful lark, "Outcast: A New Beginning" seems as though it was as much fun to make as it is to play. You play as a shamelessly dorky hero who clumsily interacts with an overly serious culture that seems to be based on corny fantasy tropes, and jumps around from spot to spot via jetpack.

It's nary impossible not to have a good time as you work your way through the tale, which boasts lavish cut scenes with heartfelt voice performances that you feel bad skipping because developers worked so hard on them.

The sequel to a little-known 1999 game that managed to develop a staunch following over the years, "Outcast: A New Beginning" takes joy in its modest ambitions. The gameplay amounts to a series of mainline and optional fetch quests, which rarely grow tedious because each is filled with fresh, playful concepts that build on what came before.

You can spend lots of time collecting materials and weapons, gearing up and readying for the challenges that lay ahead, but you can usually get by just fine with little prep and letting your sense of whimsy tug you along for the ride.

While "Outcast: A New Beginning" may not break much ground, it manages to satisfy the yearnings of a gamer looking for a light, breezy distraction in between more serious offerings. Engagement and glee take top priority here, making this outcast one worth taking under your wing.

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