Friday, August 02, 2019

"Omega Labyrinth Life" Review

A roguelike RPG geared toward a mature audience, "Omega Labyrinth Life" mixes character advancement and iterative challenges with wacky, often uncomfortable romantic scenarios and a seemingly proud lack of maturity.

Set in an "academy of fair maidens," you alternate among characters who pick up where the last one left off. Your attack abilities are related to your bust size, which expands as you advance. It's a concept seemingly geared to 14-year-olds, even though you have to be an adult to purchase the game.

The dressing of the concept could be a significant roadblock for a major portion of the audience, which is a shame because the combat, enemy design and traversal are so tight and well-calibrated. This is a robust and intricate game as well as a wacky excuse to indulge in repressed sexuality.

Each time you take on a dungeon, its room layout, enemies and items change, leading to a different experience each go-round. Combined with the "Animal Crossing"-like ability to rearrange decor, keeps things fresh and invitingly replayable.

Developer Matrix Software knows its stuff, and has crafted a worthwhile experience that succeeds in spite of its art style and writing. Best enjoyed as a oh-no-it-didn't comedic lark, you may be surprised how much fun you wind up having once you let the game sink its hooks in you.

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