Thursday, January 30, 2020

"Edge of Light" Review

Wielding an ancient relic bestowed with technology that grants you the power equivalent to that of a warlock, your goal in "Edge of Light" is to build up your strength to the point of mastery.

The exuberant sense of growing strength while acquiring game-changing abilities is the intoxicating draw of the game, which lets you roam through a world haunted by its looming past.

Set in the aftermath of a sentient planet ravaged by apocalypse, "Edge of Light" challenges you to seek out resources, patch together a survival plan and forge ahead in spite of brutal surroundings.

Developer White Elk orchestrates the single-player saga with a steady, assured precision. The vision is a dark, dilapidated realm that somehow teems with life and possibility.

With a campaign that's calibrated to unfold quickly, "Edge of Light" banks on its ability to draw you back in time and again for replays.

That's an area, unfortunately, in which it struggles. Working well as a tight, polished adventure, the game sometimes plays more like an extended demo than a full-figured campaign. Here's hoping White Elk builds on this foundation to stretch out its horizons in its next project.

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