Saturday, May 02, 2020

"BlazBlue: Central Fiction" Review

In a year that's lacked fighting game releases -- or many big-name releases at all -- it's just the right time for a "BlazBlue: Central Fiction" reissue.

The stylish fighter, originally released in 2016, was rereleased in late April to support a GlobalGiving charity tournament.

Choosing from among 33 anime and fantasy-inspired fighters, you step into the 2D arena to face off against opponents in best-of-three-round battles.

Backgrounds are as impressive and pulsing with life as its characters, adding depth to the characterizations, backstories and stakes at play. The booming announcer voice grants the showdowns some cinematic depth.

Fast-paced play, well-balanced characters and inventive attacks make the game stand out from the pack. The willingness to take bold chances and embrace quirks gives the game a sense of boundary-breaking exuberance.

Four years after initial release, "BlazBlue: Central Fiction" continues to carve out its niche in the corner of arena battlers. With a flashy personality all its own, it continues to let its freak flag fly high.

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