Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Just Dance 2021" Review

 Games have the power to captivate you to the extent that you're stuck on the couch for longer than you'd care to admit. "Just Dance 2021" gets you up and moving to the point of exhaustion.

An excellent home workout, especially during a pandemic, the game keeps the varied challenges flowing, reducing the need for you to go to the gym or brave the chilly outdoors to get in some cardio.

With 41 new songs from the likes of Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa -- as well as several dozen more if you subscribe to the Unlimited service, "Just Dance 2021" deploys the franchise's trademark flashy visuals to show off scintillating choreography. 

Whether you're playing solo or making a fool of yourself with friends and family in co-op, the game shoves you out of your comfort zone, delivering smiles, sore body parts and occasional frustrations. Nailing a hard-to-conquer move after several failed go-rounds yields immense satisfaction, with your muscle memory upgrading as though you were a real-life RPG character.

Most systems require you to use your phone to track your movements, but for me, the Xbox One/Kinect combination is the best way to play a "Just Dance" game.

Back are the usual kid-friendly mode -- which automatically blocks faces for video recording if you use a camera -- as well as the invaluable calorie-tracking Sweat mode, which can help you keep track of holiday snacks you're burning off while you bust your moves.

"Just Dance 2021" may not do much to shake up the standard formula, but that's mainly because there wasn't much need for innovation. With the wheel spinning so well, there's little need for reinvention.

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