Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"NBA 2K22" Review

There is no true offseason when it comes to the life of a pro basketball player. "NBA 2K22" embraces the lifestyle aspects of the league 

A more robust MyPlayer mode is more story-oriented and RPG-like than in years' past, emerging you into the rhythms, challenges and benefits that come with the pro baller livelihood. 

Unlike in previous years, your first choice as a high school phenom is whether to commit to college or avoid that route in favor of trying out for the G League. Either way, your endgame is to become a lottery pick and get those endorsement deals rolling in. The selfish aspect could influence your play style in showcase games as you prep for your future.

On-court action has been tweaked to allow for a less arcadey feel. The camera seems to be closer to the action, providing an immediate feel that seems closer to instant replay than broadcast perspective. Changes to the stamina formula force you to be stingy with your fast breaks and flashy moves, which can lead to diminishing returns if you overuse them.

Both MYPlayer and MyTeam modes are beset with long-game rewards that require a measure of grinding, but both are more rewarding than the instant gratification aspect of years' past.

Continuing the trend of previous editions of the game, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on microtransactions for consumables, including in-game boosts and cosmetics. While options abound to tweak your style and look without shelling out extra money, the temptation to fork out dough to cut out the grind is everpresent. That's par for the course in the modern sports landscape, though. At least failing to play in the money-hungry metagame won't reduce the thrills you get on the court.

Once you're ready to embrace the next NBA season, "NBA 2K22" will sate all the needs that aren't fulfilled by highlights or fantasy leagues. A silk-smooth anf flashy product much like its cover athlete, Luca Donkic, it's a comprehensive package that fuels your hoop dreams.

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