Tuesday, November 23, 2021

T-Mobile, Hasbro Release "Lite-Bite T-Mobile Edition"


T-Mobile and Hasbro have teamed up to release an odd and retro-savvy gift idea -- A Lite-Brite consisting of magenta pieces.

The toy, available at this site, is $19.99, with free shipping through Cyber Monday.

Four of the boxes will include a Willy Wonka-style Magenta Ticket, which will give the winner two smartphones, a  year of T-Mobile Magenta Max phone service -- which includes a Netfix subscription -- a flatscreen TV and a year of T-Mobile Home Internet service. 

As Lite Brites go, the magenta pegs certainly pop. So if your child is into crafting pictures promoting T-Mobile's network, this is just the right gift.

But let's face it: The only reason to buy this thing is to stash it away in hopes that it becomes a collector's item, or to angle for one of those Magenta Tickets.

T-Mobile provided the product for review.

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