Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Review: T-Mobile REVVL 6 Pro 5G

Deep pockets aren't necessary to dive into the 5G smartphone world. Not with budget-friendly options such as the $220 T-Mobile REVVL6 Pro 5G.

Somehow immune to inflation, the device is a rock-solid effort that works well for those seeking a low-overhead entry into the 5G realm. Its slick, easy-to-access interface is also less intimidating than those of the superphones of the world, making the device an excellent pick for older adults or young students.

Feeling solid, durable and well-built in-hand, the phone carries an admirable craftsmanship and appealing look. It can easily be mistaken for an iPhone.

A quantum leap over the REVVL 2 -- the last phone in the series I reviewed -- the phone is meant to hang as a suitable replacement for the likes of the OnePlus 8T 5G or even the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

The 6.82-inch screen shimmers with depth and clarity, and the phone operates at satisfying speeds.

The 6GB of RAM works in concert with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor for a fluid, fast experience, especially when connected to T-Mobile's 5G network.

Boasting 128GB internal storage, which you can expand via SD card, you have plenty of space to dwonload pictures, music, movies and apps.

The 50MP rear-facing and 16MP front-facing cameras are workmanlike, if unimpressive. It will get the job done for anyone who doesn't need bells and whistles on higher-grade phones.

To keep the price tag down, minor corners were cut, but the lack of water resistance or inductive charging could nag those who are used to such benefits.

Still, the pros outweigh the cons considerably, particularly for those looking to cut down on costs while not sacrificing much in the way of performance or quality.

T-Mobile sent product for review.

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