Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Early Game Review: 'God of Rock'

 Recalling button-tapping rhythm games such as "Guitar Hero," "PaRappa the Rapper" and "Elite Beat Agents," "God of Rock" applies the concept to fighting games.

As a flow of notes flows down a crawl at the bottom of the screen, you tap corresponding buttons in time, powering you up enough to unleash superpowered specials that can turn the tide of battle.

Your success influences the soundtrack, making you as much a conductor as a fighter, with your flourishes resulting in victorious crescendos.

With player enjoyment and AI adaptability at top of mind, the dev team at Modus Studios Brazil allows the difficulty level to adjust on the fly, with a rubber band tendency that not only allows you to get back in the game when you're out, but ramps up the challenge substantially as you begin to thrive.

While there's not much to the game outside of its introductory gimmick, the execution and toe-tapping rhythms manage to give the game more appeal than a content-slim title like this might usually entail. For those looking for a fighting game with musical flavor, "God of Rock" solidifies the unlikely union.

Publisher provided review code.

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