Thursday, June 22, 2023

Review: Motorola Razr+ in Viva Magenta

Bearing a name that's a blast from the early 2000s past with a design that seems ahead of 2023, the Motorola Razr+ is as alluring as it is flamboyant.

Boasting the unmistakable magic of a foldable screen heretofore only seen in the uber-elite likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Google Pixel Fold, the slim, compact phone is so flashy in its radiant "Viva Magenta" color that it would seem to be a crime to cover it up in an obtuse case.

The foldability is more than a gimmick. In its admirably portable -- and screen-protecting -- folded-up Flex View format, it lets you check notifications, keep pace with the time and send out voice or text messages via its 3.6-inch display, all with the phone free-standing without the need of a tacked-on peripheral.

When open, the true majesty of its 6.9-inch wingspan of an internal display shines through. An excellent choice for streaming, demanding gaming apps and social media juggling, it's easy to imagine the Razr+ catching on as a counterculture work device for the whimsical commuter with a nostalgic bent. It's also an ideal purchase for a parent looking to get their child a jaw-dropping device for free, or at least a deep discount.

Released today on the T-Mobile network, the $999.99 device is available for free to new customers, as well as existing customers who add a line or trade in a device on Go5G Plus. It's also half off on lower tiers Go5G and Magenta with a device trade-in.

Powered by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, the Razr+ tiptoes along the cutting edge of performance, handling video and download needs on the silk-smooth T-Mobile 5G network. 

Its external, 32MP camera, buttressed with an 8MP quad pixel burst shot -- triggered by a palm gestture that triggers a rapidfire succession of four pictures -- can handle action shots, portraits and video needs with ease, and the 12Mp front-facing camera is rock-solid with selfies. That one also has a mirror mode that turns the device, while in Flex view-mode, into a makeup checker.

To point out the obvious, Flex View is also great for setting up shots on a timer, as well as viewing video without needing to prop up the phone.

Waving its wand to conjure magical, inventive qualities, the Razr+ is an imaginative solution to a variety of smartphone annoyances. The reinvention can't help but put a smile on your face that you'll want to capture in Flex Mode.

T-Mobile sent unit for review.

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