Friday, June 23, 2023

Review: OtterBox Defender ProXT


Rugged and sturdy, the OtterBox Defender ProXT feels solid enough to sit in a construction worker's holster. 

Like the suit of super-armor Batman dons when he takes on Superman, the case turns your otherwise mortal smartphone into an overconfident juggernaut that stares danger in the eye and chuckles.

Bearing military standard drop-testing the two-piece cover protects your chassis from all sides, with an unobtrusive ridge that keeps your phone from emerging cracked from a nasty face-planting while not taking up too much real estate in your pocket. 

While the case does add some heft to your phone, you get used to the change
quickly and can hardly bare to take the case off. Once encased, it feels as though you are tempting fate to handle the phone in its naked state.

I upgraded to the Defender ProXT from the stock iPhone 14 Pro Max case my phone came with, and feel the trade made for the textured, easily handlable grip is worth the sacrifices made in weight. I don't miss the slippery feel of the old phone, which caused many a drop to begin with.

Now as protected as the Caped Crusader in that awful movie that pitted him against the Man of Steel, my iPhone's superpower is now the knowledge that it won't crack, no matter the pressure I foist upon it.

OtterBox sent review unit.

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