Thursday, September 21, 2023

Review: 'T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G'

The T-Mobile REVVL line of devices continues to grow in stature and capability. The latest shot across the bow of the big guys is the brand's venture into the tablet realm in the form of the T-Mobile REVVL Tab 5G.

Available for $200, or free to T-Mobile customers who activate a tablet line, the device is a handy, capable device that wields a gorgeous 10.36-inch screen and battery life that extends well past 10 hours of heavy, bright-setting use. It can do you proud on a series of long flights with connections, and still have some juice left over as you wind down at your destination.

While the tablet may not hang with the latest Galaxy and iPad entries of the world, it does work as a well-rounded, lower-cost option that can handle most of the functions of higher-end devices, and manages to compete with the likes of Amazon's Fire tablets.

Packing a long-lasting 7,040mAh battery, dual stereo speakers and an 8MP dual-camera system, the device can tackle the demands of mobile games, streaming apps and e-readers. The Android functionality opens it up to far more than the Fire tabs can -- including Vudu, the Chrome browser and the NFL app -- and manages to record video as a 30fps clip.

The REVVL Tab 5G is also durable, able to withstand some rough handling by my one-year-old daughter, who'd prefer to play her games on a larger screen rather than my phone. While I think too highly of the tablet to give it to her, I'm happily to lend it to her, as long as I can have it back to binge my shows during her naps. Like my daughter, the tablet is spunky, tough and never should be underestimated.

T-Mobile sent device for review.

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