Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Review: REVVL 6X Pro 5G

Now that smartphones that access 5G service have become commonplace rather than luxuries, the benefits trickle down to base users. It's not only possible, but expected, to get free or nearly-free 5G smartphones that are leaps and bounds above those that cost $1,000 or more just a couple years ago.

Once barely adequate for heavy users, the REVVL brand has now become something of a flagship for the T-Mobile-using common man. Engineers have figured out ways to cram efficient, effective technology into its lower-grade chassis. 

A nominal upgrade over last year's REVVL Pro 5G, the REVVL 6X Pro 5G is a spruced-up version of its already solid predecessor. 

The device, which is available to T-Mobile customers for free when adding a line, buying a REVVL Tab 5G and activating service on the tablet, or for $50 with a trade-in of any device in any condition, fulfills the needs of those looking for an entry-level Android smartphone that can hang with the big boys.

While the value you get for that rock-bottom price may not turn heads, it will free up your income while keeping you astride with the latest games and apps. Its 6.82-inch screen presents vivid, crisp images, and its 6GB of RAM and MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor lets you access the best of T-Mobile's impressive network without losing a step.

The 50MP rear-facing and 16MP front-facing cameras handle any social media or work functions you can hurl at it. 

While the REVVL 6X Pro 5G may struggle a little when confronted with some of the more battery and processor-taxing games and apps on the market, it still was functional with the punishing amount of usage I tend to put smartphones through. I admired the phone's hand-friendly feel and resilience.

While there is little reason to upgrade for base-level REVVL 6 Pro 5G users, those who have missed the past couple of generations will be pleased with the suite of ramped-up upgrades with the X model. The times when the REVVL name was synonymous with corner-cutting have long since passed.

T-Mobile provided review unit.

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