Thursday, January 25, 2024

Game Review: 'Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown'

Returning to seize its crown after a 14-year absence, "Prince of Persia" wall-jumps back into excellent form with a retro-flavored, Metroidvania twist dubbed "The Lost Crown."

Filled with satisfying combat tinted with "For Honor"-style parrying, "God of War"-influenced boss battles and a fast-paced level design that had me thrilled from the opening, "The Lost Crown" is a pizzazz-filled revitalization that refills the series health as though it were a powerful red potion from the game itself.

Lavish visuals, humorous writing and a freewheeling spirit course through the game's DNA. The 2D take on the escapades recall the early days of "Ninja Gaiden," and make for an excellent reset point for the franchise. Here's hoping Ubisoft sticks with this format rather than forcing it back awkwardly into the 3D realm.

I played the game on Switch, which seemed to me the ideal platform to experience the game, echoing its earliest days, in the late 1980s and early 90s. The earliest entries were somewhat blocky and clumsy affairs, while the new game is as slick and polished as a stalwart fan would dare hope.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with "The Lost Crown," relishing the intensity, numerous flourishes, Easter eggs and gorgeous scenery. A refreshing take on well-worn material, the game manages to revitalize the legend for a new generation. For the first time in decades, the future of the series looks brighter than the past.

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