Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Hot on Home Video: 'Journey to Bethlehem'

A surprisingly poignant and impactful take on the Nativity story, "Journey to Bethlehem" brings musical life to the age-old tale. Director Adam Anders weaves a delightful whimsy along with solemn notes in the story, which stars Fiona Palomo as Mary and Milo Manheim as Joseph. Spirited, nuanced performances lead the way, making the family-friendly film a worthy go-to Christmas season pastime for families. The film manages to stay heartfelt without stumbling into cheesiness.

Extras include three deleted scenes, as well as spotlights on characters including Mary and Joseph, Mary's sisters, Antipater and a making-of featurette titled "The Heart of 'The Journey to Bethlehem.'"

Studio provided review screener.

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