Sunday, October 07, 2007

No More Interviews

Thanks for sticking around throughout my fake interview phase, which seemed to last forever. I promise it's over now. On to bigger and better things, such as... more fake interviews! Just kidding. No more of those, really. I can totally stop myself from doing them. Watch:

Non-interview: Shrek.

PV: Shrek, I refuse to interview fake people anymore.

S: Damn, I thought I was gonna get some free publicity.

PV: Sorry, it ain't happening.

S: I'm gonna take off then.

PV: Be safe.

See! Man, did that take restraint. Check back next week to see what craziness I've come up with. Tell your friends to come, too. But not your friends' friends, because that would be inappropriate. I'm going to sleep now, blissfully floating in the essence of the Arizona Cardinals' 3-2 record, good for first place in the NFC West. Man, will it be depressing to come back and read this post in December if the Cardinals are 6-10 at that point. But for now I'll just enjoy it.

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