Friday, March 07, 2008


During the Arizona-Oregon State basketball game last night there was a Red Lobster commercial announcing it was Lobsterfest. I've always taken Lobsterfest in stride and even gotten a little excited about it on occasion, even though I've never partaken in the event because not only are Tucson Red Lobsters tougher to get into than Studio 54 in the 70s, but anything at Red Lobster that actually contains lobster is either double the cost of anything else on the menu, or the dreaded "market price," which is so astronomical it can't even be listed, and is at the manager's cruel whim. I always look over the menu for several minutes, gawk at the lobster dishes for a while and end up going with the fried seafood platter. Never have I managed to finish the whole thing, which depresses me every time.

Anyway, last night's commercial got me thinking - why does Red Lobster need a Lobsterfest? It's sort of redundant, no? Like Taco Bell having tacofest, KFC having chickenfest or Yokahama Rice Bowl having cockroachfest. At Red Lobster, every day should be Lobsterfest, as well a Cheesebiscuit fest. When you get right down to it, the thing that keeps me going back to Red Lobster, enduring the long waits, overpriced food and shoddy service, it's the biscuits. So, so tasty. If any Red Lobster waiters are reading this, I implore you to keep the biscuits coming. Anything short of four baskets and I drastically reduce your tip.


Markymix said...

they're called "Cheddar Bay Biscuits" and they're just Bisquick and Scampi Butter. :)

Unknown said...

And here I was actually thinking about going to Red Lobster in Tucson tonight:-D

David Neylon said...

I don't care if they're made of floor sweepings they taste delicious. (ok, I do care, but not a lot)

We usually have no problem getting into the Red Lobster in Chandler at 56th St. Or is that Tempe at Priest? Whatever. My wife and I went there the other night for just appetizers and, for me, cheese biscuits. :)

Kirk said...

Lobsterfest is a marketing ploy to take advantage of Lent. We scream "We have fish" in all of our adds so all of the church people know to come in and spend their money on fish instead of chicken.

Tonight (Friday) is going to be really busy... be forewarned.

Travis and Leah said...

I found this recipe for Cheddar Bay Biscuits on the Red Lobster Blog!
2 cups Bisquick
2/3 cup milk
1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar
1/4 cup butter melted
1/4 tsp garlic powder

Mix Bisquick, milk and cheese until a soft dough forms, then beat for 30 sec. Drop dough from spoon onto ungreased baking sheet and bake @ 450 degrees until golden brown, 9-10 min. Mix together butter and garlic powder, brush over hot biscuits and serve! Makes 10-12.

Hope that helps your biscuit jones.

yellojkt said...

I made the mistake of taking my wife out to Red Lobster on her birthday once. It turned out to be Ash Wednesday and mobbed by fisheaters (of which I'm one, just not practicing).

Caterpillar Girl said...

Here in Illinois I'd say Red Lobster has some of the best service. Never ate at one in Arizona, though.

Ben said...

I can tell you one little secret about the cheesebiscuits. DON'T make them with milk. Make them with ICE COLD, literally, ice cold water. Fill a pitcher with ice to the top and then pour water over the ice and use that to make the biscuits and don't beat the whole mixture of bisquick, cheddar cheese and and water for too long. oh...btw, the brushing on top is basically melted butter, with garlic powder and some parsley.

Lobsterfest on the other hand is just a promotion and the best time of year to sell lobsters, because the harvest is the best and the prices are the lowest for buying them, therefore the markups are highest :)