Monday, February 02, 2009

Strollers are a fraud

They're not necessary. When babies are tiny and light, you just carry them along without any trouble. When they're too heavy to hold, they're big enough to walk on their own. Furthermore, they are all possessed by the minions of the ancient demon Unfold, who is said to curse plastic devices, rendering them unfoldable.

So for anyone out there who has ever purchase a stroller, you're wrong and have failed at life.

(Jessica, if you're reading this please don't murder me in my sleep. I was just kidding! Sorta.)


Casa Villarreal said...

says the man who DIDN"T just push Luke around in a stroller at the zoo for 2 hours....

dumbwhore said...

I'm with you a 100% but I think you may be winning this war. I really don't see strollers as much as I used to. So either the really lazy got lazier and are staying at home or all my friends with kids have moved on and we're now at older age events so strollers don't show up as much(I'm beginning to suspect that even as I type this)