Monday, February 23, 2009

This one time at IHOP

I ordered an omelette, which was supposed to come with pancakes but arrived solo. I asked the waiter for the pancakes four times, and four times I was told they were on the way yet they did not come.

I sat there and waited, no longer interested in the pancakes themselves but determined to win a battle of wills. Eventually, after maybe 90 minutes, the pancakes came. I left them there at the table and wrote a little note that told the waiter the pancakes were his tip.

I write this both to brag about how stubborn I am and to warn IHOP waiters that I mean business when I'm waiting for my pancakes.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the time my friend and I were chased into the parking lot by an Applebee's waiter.

As for Wednesday, nobody knows what the topic will be as of yet.

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