Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Top 10 Things That Will Suck About Missing E3

10. Not getting to see and talk to people whose stuff I read every day the one time of the year it's possible to do so.

9. Not getting to walk around pretending to be important, playing any game I choose that won't be out for several months.

8. Not getting to whisper smack talk to whatever strangers are sitting next to me during press conferences about overenthusiastic developers talking about silly, stupid games.

7. Not getting blown away at the same press conferences with stunning, out-of-nowhere announcements.

6. Not getting to pick through the rack of free crazy British game magazines I've never heard of.

5. Not getting to meet my L.A. friends for lunch.

4. Not getting to play my DS when I'm waiting in line for something and have no one else look at me like I'm weird.

3. Not getting to ride shuttles to off-site press conference. The process give you that same feeling of wonder and anticipation as grade-school field trips.

2. Not getting to walk behind G4 stand-up broadcasts in a cheap effort to get my face on TV.

1. Just because.

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