Monday, February 13, 2012

The 5 Game Systems I've Played The Least Yet Still Own

1. GameBoy Micro -- A little while before Nintendo release the DSi, it came out with a miniature GameBoy Advance. This thing is so small that I once accidentally washed and dried it with my clothes. Somehow it still works.

2. RetroN 3 -- Plays NES, SNES and Genesis games. Problem is, so does the Wii, which made me re-purchase and download just about every game I had for those consoles and still care about years before the RetroN came out.

3. IXL -- It's a book-shaped system with kids' games with a terribly unresponsive stylists. My kids hate it and it gets buried underneath a pile of Leapster Explorers and LeapPads, but I feel too bad for it to get rid of it.

4. iPod Touch -- I admire its capabilities and its pocket-friendliness, but I just never have a use for this thing. The games are OK and free and it plays movies, but there are always better alternatives available.

5. PSP -- The Vita has rendered this thing obsolete, but the PSP never really was the cutting edge of anything. Instead it was a promising misfit that spent all its time beneath the bleachers, got tatted up and did too many drugs.

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