Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The 5 Worst Colors

1. Pink. Women who wear it are just conforming to the stereotype, while dudes who do the same are trying too hard to say that they don't care what others think about them. In doing so, they're proving they care way too much.

2. Brown. By far the most boring color. It's dirt. Its message is "I need to be improved upon."

3. Off-white. If you're going to be white, go all-out. Off-white is just phoning it in and is the epitome of willful imperfection.

4. Neon yellow. Makes your eyes bleed. Should be co-opted as a government weapon.

5. Grey. It's the brown of the off-off whites. Eeyore can keep it.

For the record, the best colors are bright orange and bright red. Both emit power.

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