Monday, March 05, 2012

Top 5 Annoying Fake Voices In Which People Talk

1. Little kid voice — Parents are incapable of talking to tiny children without distorting their tone into the singsong manner they used on them when they were babies. People should start using their regular voice when communicating with kids, because it's funnier.

2. Dog voice — People address their dogs like they are not only babies but idiots. Which I guess they kind of are, so maybe I ranked this one too high.

3. Girlfriend voice — When a bro answers the phone around other bros and his lady calls, he talks unnaturally softly and timidly.

4. Wuvvy duvvy voice — People who are in high school or college who think they're in love do this. It wears off once one catches the other cheating and they become bitter like the rest of us.

5. Professional voice — It's unnaturally deep and distant. Almost butler-y and overly defensive.

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The Happy Homeowner said...

Love this! What about the people who combine the voices above while also ending each sentence with an upward inflection?!