Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Say Goodbye To A Job You've Loved For 3 Years

Let's say you started blogging for a consumer affairs website in May 2009 or so. You adored the job and relished the chance to go at it every day, dizzy at the massive audience and the power of consumer activists' abilities to Care Bear Stare even the biggest, baddest corporations into cowering fools. But circumstance has forced you to resign and melt away from the site like a Marty McFly photo. In that case, you may feel it's time to type up a farewell post. 

Resist that urge. Nobody likes reading those things. But if you must, keep the following tips in mind: 

* Thank the people who made it possible. Express vague gratitude to the brain trust who transformed the blog from something Gawker was ready to toss on a trash heap into a more professional and relevant media dynamo, and for allowing you to be a part of it. Don't point them out by name so as not to embarrass the deserving, nor enrage those you'd leave out.

* Don't tell them why you're quitting. Explaining your next career move is unbecoming. And besides, it sucks all the mystery and speculation out of the deal. Plus you wouldn't want to take yourself out of the running to become the next Best Buy CEO or University of Arkansas football coach.

* Use the opportunity to tell off angry commenters like you always wanted to. Just kidding. Let them have at you one last time and chuckle at their passion and demented creativity, just as always. 

It should go without saying that you should refrain from promoting your books, blog or Twitter account.

And for the love of blog, be careful how you wrap things up. 

After all, can you think of anything lamer than ending a post with a question?


Aaron Hazouri said...

I laughed out loud! Good luck and keep your sense of humor about you!

Anonymous said...

Hey phil, you're an idiot. Whoever was paying you needs to take you to small claims court to get their money back.

Jackie said...
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