Monday, April 30, 2012

Messing With Comcast

I found out my bill for 2 HDDVRs, internet and free HBO next month was $100 rather than $85, which it had been. They said that was because I only got a half discount next month because it expires halfway through June.

Without any threatening or arguing whatsoever he offered to give me another discount, which would make my bill $89 instead of $85 and extend through October. I took it, and deleted the sports package, which is $8 a month but was free until halfway through next month. I only need that for the NFL Network, so I won't re-subscribe to it until September.

So now my bill will be $81 and I have HBO until August, when the promotion will expire. At which point I'll call and complain that I was told it would last until October with my discounts, so they'll respond by giving it to me for free at least until then.

The key is not in your manner, but just getting on the phone with someone who feels like giving out discounts. Usually that's the cancellation retention dude, but today it was just a regular operator.

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