Wednesday, July 26, 2017

'Hey, Pikmin' Review

The puzzle-based platformer and pseudo RTS dynamo franchise Pikmin has always been a mainstay of Nintendo's home consoles.

"Hey, Pikmin" finally gives the series a portable version, but those looking for the traditional top-down control setup will need to make an adjustment. This is a side-scrolling adaptation of the tap-and-manage setup, which lets you round up, sort and deploy various colored Pikmin to accomplish various tasks for you.

With the feel of a mobile adaptation rather than a full-fledged traditional Pikmin exerience, "Hey Pikmin" feels a bit nerfed, but still manages to capture enough of the feel of the previous games to feel like an extension of the genuine article.

Amiibo interactivity on New 3DS models allow you to aid in puzzle solving and accessing secret areas.

Although far from an essential addition to the considerable 3DS library -- especially as first-party games go -- "Hey Pikmin" is not only a breezy and entertaining time-killer, but a sign that Nintendo is far from giving up support of the 3DS family of handhelds in favor of the Switch.

Publisher provided a review copy.

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