Monday, July 24, 2017

Review: Dromida MT 4.18 Brushless 4WD Monster Truck

An absolute beast of an RC rig, the Dromida Brushless Monster Truck is meant to romp over rough terrain and survive the skids and crashes demanded of recreational and competitive racing.

A flexible, durable chassis encases some serious horsepower, with admirable range from the remote and a rechargeable internal battery means you won't accidentally knock some AA batteries out of place.

The remote controller does gobble up AAs, but an off switch lets you save power when you're not using it.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 30mph, with tweakable customization options that will satisfy gearhead hobbyists.

The truck performs just as well as a toy to mess around with indoors.With a throttle that responds to the degree of pressure with which you squeeze the trigger, it takes little time to gain a feel for how to maneuver it around with minimal crashing.

Of course, intentional crashes, as well as jumps and donuts, are where the truck allows for the most fun. A durable set of wheels that's built to last under rough conditions, the truck is a blast to mess around with.

Distributor provided a review unit.

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