Thursday, March 01, 2018

"Guilt Battle Arena" Switch Review

A multiplayer-only fighter with simplistic graphics and controls combined with speedy, intuitive gameplay, "Guilt Battle Arena" is a refreshing change of pace from standard, hypercomplex arena battle throwdowns.

With adorable visuals juxtaposed with delightfully brutal combat, "Guilt Battle Arena" delivers an unexpected level of intensity.

Two, three or four players can slug it out in various backdrops, leading to hot potato party game thrills. Indie developer Invincible Cat proves adept at synthesizing old school style charm with new innovations.

The sense of pacing is enthralling, requiring twitch reflexes and psychological mastery to dominate your opponents. The balance is also superb, with advantages of various character setups and loadouts making for varied setups that cater toward your playstyle and inclinations.

Until a "Smash Bros." adaptation comes along, this is about the best Switch owners can do in this genre.
Publisher provided review code.

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