Tuesday, September 04, 2018

"Destiny 2: Forsaken" Review

One of the qualities that makes "Destiny" stand out from the pack of open-world shooters is the lengths Bungie is willing to go to reinvent the game, injecting life into it with a regular stream of sizable free and paid updates, as well as the occasional rainmaker mid-cycle expansion.

"Forsaken," like 2015's "The Taken King" for the original "Destiny," is one of the latter. More of a full-figured sequel than an add-on, the $40 package revamps the very bones of "Destiny 2," adding an overwhelming amount of equipment drops, weapon types, enemy classes and bosses. Along with vast new areas to explore, there is a head-spinning amount of new things to experience in Bungie's finely-crafted universe.

The story kick-starts with a riveting prison break. You confront a Western-inspired area, complete with rolling tumbleweeds, rolling prairies a la "Borderlands" and fortified outposts that house untold treasures to uncover.

Striking intimidating profiles are the new enemy archetype, the Scorn, as well as the big bads -- dubbed Barons -- force you to reevaluate your tactics and restock your firepower options. Luckily, there is plenty to choose from, with new energy slots that let you wield special, energy-enhanced attacks. There are also scads of new weapons with which to arm yourself, including long, medium and short-range bows that provide intriguing alternatives to traditional firearms.

With ample additions to the ever-expanding universe of "Destiny" lore added to the mix, the franchise continues to grow in depth and resonance. Adamantly proving to be a series worth the considerable investment of time and energy it takes to advance to high levels, the game feels like less of a grind than ever before, and more of an onion, with layer upon layer to reveal as you probe its depths.

"Destiny 2: The Forsaken" proves above all that Bungie has kept fan service front and center as it pushes the series' boundaries wider with considerable vigor.
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