Saturday, September 29, 2018

"THE Card: Poker, Texas Holdem, Blackjack and Page One" Review

Not every game needs to swing for the fences. There's something to be said for a title that aims small, eschews frills and executes its niche with a vengeance. That's the hand dealt by "THE Card: Poker, Texas Holdem, Blackjack and Page One."

That mouthful of a title is just what the game is -- no more and no less. It's strictly for those looking to kill time while maybe refining their card game skills a bit. The games are as basic as their execution. Sure, you could get the same games via free apps on your phone, but those would likely come attached to a train of microtransaction upsells and ads that dampen your enjoyment.

Everything about "THE Card" is pure and Spartan to the core. You take part in network-wide ranking systems partitioned by each game.

The card games are simple, straightforward and well-executed, with modifications possible including house rules, card design change-ups and backgrounds. The inherent challenge and strategy embedded in each of the card games is the main draw, and you "level up" not by artificial XP but by genuine experience that makes you a savvier and more efficient gambler. With no real money at stake, this is a cheaper and less stressful way to learn the ropes than by braving a real-life or online casino.

An attractive impulse buy to keep in your back pocket to fill out the edges of your Switch library, "THE Card" gives you just what you bargain for, and is worth the proverbial roll of the dice for those looking to do some ramification-free gambling.
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