Wednesday, September 05, 2018

"Fall of Light: Darkest Edition" Review

An action-focused RPG with stunning visuals and a captivating visual style, "Fall of Light: Darkest Edition" introduces an arresting tale of an aging warrior who embarks on a journey with his light-emitting daughter on an elegiac quest to reach the rumored last place on earth that's still touched by daylight.

Working in a co-op manner with your computer-controlled sidekick has the feel of the "God of War" reboot, with  admirable AI making your companion feel like more of a boost than a burden. Much of the game, though, does take on a nagging, escort-mission feel. If you let her die, your progress ends abruptly.

Combat is slick and innovative, with 20 different battle stances available to help you dodge, parry and counterattack the hordes of enemies that assault you.

An update to a game that was released on PS4, Xbox One and Steam two years ago, the new edition adds an exclusive new dungeon. The updated version is new on Switch, and excels on the platform, taking advantage of mobile play with scaled-down visuals that fit the system well without losing any noticeable framerate or graphical fidelty.

A stronger, more vibrant rendition of a game that turned heads in 2016, "Fall of Light: Darkest Edition" sheds some new light on a promising premise with more exact execution.
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