Monday, June 08, 2020

"Minecraft Dungeons" Review

Credit Microsoft for failing to exploit the "Minecraft" franchise for all its ample groundswell of fans and renown. Continuing to build on the Mojang trademark of expanding and refining the base game rather than spreading resources on sequels and spinoffs, the gaming giant has behaved more like an indie studio than a massive conglomerate.

"Minecraft Dungeons," though, feels like something of a missed opportunity to capitalize on the years Mojang has spent laying the groundwork.

The game is a thin, inconsequential lark that seems as though it could have used more time in the conception phase. A loot-and-upgrade action RPG in the vein of "Diablo," "Minecraft Dungeons" tries to scoot by on its adorable look.

But there's little of the crafting and building flavor that series in which devotees thrive. The gameplay is slim and, arguably, dumbed down in order to accommodate players of all ages.

As many as four players can team up to hack and slash their way through the missions, which ramp up in difficulty considerably as you advance. Those who will get the most mileage out of "Minecraft Dungeons" will be multi-generational households who will be able to team up and share the giggles and frustration together.

Although there are ample opportunities to collect resources and upgrade weaponry with enchantments and other buffs, the game could use a few more modes and minigames to expand the package. Time will tell whether Mojang continues to support the game in the coming months and years, giving players reason to return for more. There is much more work to do to make the new entry worthy of its fabled name.

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