Thursday, October 20, 2022

Broadway in Tucson Review: "Six"

There would be a heck of a lot more history majors if "Six" replaced textbooks and documentaries in class.

A wild, joyous and bouncy exploration of the lives and fates of King Henry VIII's six wives, the production blends the brainy lyrics of "Hamilton" with the crowd interaction and musicality of "Jersey Boys." 

Since bursting on the theater scene in the West End in 2017, making its way to Broadway and a national tour, "Six" has dazzled audiences with an energetic concert experience.

A show like this lives and dies by its performers' charisma and their chemistry. Saucy, tightly interlocking choreography and personalized improvisation coalesce into inspired numbers that get the audience tapping their feet and clapping their hands.

If one cog is weak, the whole thing would stop ticking. But that wasn't a problem with this production.

Gerianne Perez belts out feminist ballads as Gerianne Perez. Zan Berube brings a table-dancing groupie flair as Anne Boleyn. Amina Faye brings her booming voice to Jane Seymour. And Aline Mayagoitia elevates the oft-dismissed Katherine Howard as a tragicomic diva with Ariana Grande-style panache.

A nonstop succession of brilliant numbers -- bolstered by an enthusiasm backup band -- culminates in a boisterous finale and roof-raising encore. 

"Six" is a fascinating dive into what otherwise might be a dry history lesson. It's nothing short of a ten.

"Six" plays at Centennial Hall through Sunday. To buy tickets, click here.

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