Thursday, October 20, 2022

OnePlus 10T 5G carves out spot near top of T-Mobile totem pole

The OnePlus smartphone line has long proven that you don't need the iPhone or Galaxy brand names to toe around a top-tier device. The 10T 5G is more than an incremental improvement on past offerings, smoothing over past shortcomings to come together in a spirited, sleek product that looks as good as it runs.

Geared for those who long for upper-crust performance at middle-of-the-road pricing, the $650 device juggles the most taxing games, videos and apps with ease, functioning with suaveness for both the business-minded and entertainment-focused user.

The performance has greatly improved over the last OnePlus device I looked at, the 8T. Designed to be a lower-cost, streamlined version of its predecessor, the OnePlus 10 Pro, it packs a whopping Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and boasts a shimmering 6.7-inch display witha  1080x2412 resolution humming at up to 120 frames pe second.

Its cameras may lack the bells and whistles of the Google Pixel line, but manages to work impressively in both fast-moving and dim conditions to capture rockstar-level stills and videos. The lack of zoom quality does rear its head if you try to tinker as you shoot. Functionality-wise, the camera system fits the bill of a mid-to-low-high end spot in the smartphone camera pantheon.

In an era in which most phones come with only a cord, the device comes with a bulky, admirably powerful 150-watt charger that is among the fastest I have seen on the market.

On the downside, the rapid charging is a must because the device's brilliant display and loaded processor tends to burn through battery life, particularly when you are multitasking or mowing down videos and games without WiFi.

Its OxygenOS OIS minimizes the shovelware and gear-grinding slowdown that some other setups dictate, offering a manageable and customizable interface that lets you embrace the features you like and disregard the unnecessary.

With positives far outweighing minuses, the OnePlus 10T is more of a destination smartphone than a stepping stone. A capable and fluid effort, the device puts just about all the capabilities of a higher-end phone in your pocket, while failing to burn through as much cash that you've got in there.

T-Mobile sent review unit.

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