Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Game Review: 'Geometry Survivor'

Single-screen bullet hell survivor games have been making a comeback since "Vampire Survivors" set the scene ablaze in 2021. Along comes "Geometry Survivor," which rides the full head of steam established by the likes of "Brorato" and its ilk.

The premise is simple: Guide your tiny ship through ceaseless waves of rapid-spawning enemies for 20 minutes. You're by no means meant to do this on your first, or even fiftieth try, but as you pick up the ebb and flow of the devilishly difficult proceedings, you pick up little tricks that edge you ever closer to that milestone.

Every death amounts to progress, because you accumulate gems you can spend to make the game a little easier on your next playthrough. You also accumulate power-ups at intervals throughout each run, deciding whether to add a second ship, initiate black holes that suck enemies -- and possibly you -- out of existence, or equip yourself with chonky lasers that can annihilate opponents at your whim.

I am a sucker for single-screen survivors, and "Geometry Survivor" scratched my itch well. My 17-year-old son was able to reach the 20-minute plateau after a few playthroughs, but was still interested in returning to unlock more power-ups. I find myself stuck at the 15-minute mark, ever taking part in the Sysiphean task of putting myself in a better position to fail less badly next time. 

"Geometry Survivor," you've hooked me, and there's no going back.

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